Friday, July 22, 2011

To the pool, entertaining the baby and waiting.

1. It's not our swimming day, but we need to pay for next term's classes, and Alec has been... well a bit whiny, because he is bored and dis-satisfied with everything. So I pack the swimming bag and set off for the pool. As we come out of the station, I see Godfather Tim stumping up the road, which is a pleasing co-incidence. And we get our swim free because without realising it, we've collected points.

2. Alec starts groaning theatrically on the train -- it seems that the high summer countryside on the most beautiful stretch of railway line in the world* whizzing by at 40mph is now passée -- and I don't have a toy with which to distract him. I turn him round to face me and sing his favourite songs into his ear. As we get off the train, the man sitting across the aisle from us says "That improved the journey, thank you. He's going to have no problems with attachment or train journeys now."**

3. Nick is waiting for us at the top of the station stairs.

* my opinion, please don't be cross if you visit and it's not.

** actually, looking at that, he could have been being sarcastic. Does anyone else think he was being sarcastic? I can't imagine that he would have enjoyed Alec whinging, though.