Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Flirt, ladybird and nasturtium.

Wynn Anne very sweetly made me a favicon for 3BT -- it should be appearing soon, and it will help those people (like me) who have lots of tabs open on their computer.

1. Alec in a room full of women. He looks left, smiles, hides his face in my chest, looks right, smiles and hides his face again. At his six-week check the GP said he was a flirt, and I'm starting to fear she might have been right.

2. On our black iron railings is a ladybird -- glossy as the black snooker ball, but bearing two scarlet rings.

3. A nasturtium seed I saved from last year's crop fell between the paving, germinated and grew. I've been trying hard not to squash its succulent peppery stems -- but it's right next to my tool crate, so it gets moved and pushed around. It went on growing, and it put out a bud. The bud has opened into an extraordinary velvet red-red-red -- I'm so surprised that I call out to Nick, and he leaves the washing up to see. It doesn't look like the picture on the packet at all.