Monday, July 04, 2011

Bed lumps, burgers and cake stall.

Alec's fans have been quite active these past few days.

a. His great aunt wrote about and pictured him on her Sixty for Sixty blog -- while you're over there, check out her 60 beautiful things -- long past and recent past and any time. It's a grand achievement, and think I would struggle to come up with 60 beautiful things over three posts (but perhaps I'll be better at it by the time I'm 60).

b. Godfather Tim wrote about today's adventure.

1.To amuse Alec while we make the bed -- he's about the size of a fat pillow, so he gets plumped along with them; and we each take two corners of the duvet and bounce him on it; and then we drop the duvet on him to play "Where's the Baby?" (he's not very good at that, being too wriggly-giggly).

2. At the market, a blond farmer is selling burgers made from his own cattle. "Go on," he says, "try some." It's delicious and juicy. "We've got some tofu for supper," I tell Nick doubtfully. "To-what?" says the farmer. And I think to-what indeed and buy us some burgers. There's a time and a place for tofu -- it's supposed to be a good weaning food, for one thing; and I like it for weeknight suppers, fried golden or floating in a clear soup.

3. "Everything is 50p, even the bags," they tell us on the cake stall. So it's millionaire shortbread for our tea.