Sunday, July 31, 2011

Orange flowers, over the garden wall and the mops.

1. After breakfast, we sit in the garden -- I do some watering and sow a few pots of lettuce. I give Alec some nasturtiums to play with, and I'm taken by the way the orange flowers match the orange bears on his sleep suit.

2. Our neighbour peeps through the gate at Alec. We gossip -- "Was that Grayson Perry in your garden the other week?" And she had Coming Round the Mountain stuck in her head after overhearing me singing it to Alec in the garden. "Don't apologise -- you've got a nice voice, and I heard you singing, and heard your baby laughing and I felt like I was intruding. Don't apologise, these houses are so close together, we all hear each other." We really do -- I quite like it, though. You never feel alone if you can hear other people chuntering on with their lives.

2c. Ailsa plays Alec's favourite bouncing game, "This is the way the lady rides" -- she has some other verses that we didn't know, though. Alec looks bemused and pleased -- I know this bouncing talking thing, but it's not Mummy, and it's not the same riders.

3. We are struck with indecision in front of a display of mops. We need something to keep our floor clean, but what? There is so much choice. Another shopper comes up beside us and says: "I use that one." She has a speech impediment, and doesn't reply when I ask her about it. It occurs to me that she might have impaired hearing. I think she is very brave to help out strangers in a shop. "It's really good, that one. But the one you're holding is better value."  I turn to face her and try to speak more clearly when I thank her for her advice.

3. We clean up all the reduced chocolate we can find in town -- factory seconds, broken bars all get dropped into our shopping bag.


  1. Too adorable!! Wishing you good health (and enjoyment of chocolate ;-)

  2. I was recommending your blog to a new mum today and I realised that I had been reading since you were single and Alex was not even a twinkle in your eye. Now look at him - adorable indeed!

  3. He is the dearest little fellow..I never find a mop quite good enough ..I'
    m not a true housekeeper I guess. I want a robotic mop haha

  4. I just wanted to say thank you for 3BT - I've been reading for a few years, including the past 8.5 months of being pregnant! It was my tea break treat while at work and it's been lovely to watch your new motherhood unfold - I'm on maternity leave now and thought I should delurk and say how much I love to read your daily flashes of wonder.

  5. More chocolate? Not a sibling for Alex coming?

  6. Mary, isn't he just. And the chocolate is good.

    Pip, thanks for commenting. The tea break treat was exactly how I imagined 3BT. I'm so glad you let me know.

    Jo, not quite yet, thank you!

    i beati, now there's an idea...

    Alice, you're a loyal reader -- thank you very much. It's amazing and satisfying to see how things have changed, isn't it. I sometimes dip back into the old days and remember.

  7. Pip -- and of course, best wishes for a safe, healthy delivery. I'm sending good vibes your way.

  8. Doesn't he look like his mother!


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