Saturday, July 16, 2011

Two boys, out of the sun and flower box.

1. We put our two boys in the back of Jo's car, and they look across at each other. I think they're still surprised by the idea of other babies.

1b. Jo comes up with two excellent beautiful things -- I hope she comments and shares them!

2. On a hot, hot day, to go to the cinema for a newbies show. I feel guilty to be wasting the sunshine -- but then I remember how much I worry about Alec burning; and how cross he gets when the sun is in his eyes.

3. We get home and on our cool doorstep is a Friday Flower Box from Molly Dishwasher, a gift from Anna. There is a bunch of sweetpeas in blues and indigos and violets; dahlias like red velvet cushions; and closed green-white beaks of lilies. By nightfall one of the lilies has opened into a star bigger than my hand.