Sunday, July 24, 2011

Soda bread, that's my ice cream and Conan.

I've got a column in the Courier from this week -- I forgot to say on Friday. I think it's only in the paper though. If anyone has come from there, thanks for looking in, and I hope you enjoy 3BT.

1. My first loaf of soda bread -- it's a bread emergency and I don't have time to make a yeast leavened loaf. It is rough and round with butter-yellow crumb, and it tastes savoury and salty.

2. While I am chatting and my attention is elsewhere Alec leans out of his sling and eats my ice cream, nom, nom, nom.

3. Nick gave me The Complete Chronicles of Conan as a prize for giving birth to his son, and I've only just got round to it now. It's a lovely book in itself, and the stories are crackingly well written -- just like I remember from the first time I read them. The Cimmerian is a splendid creation: he has raw power and raw passion and raw tastes and raw good manners. Also, he and Nick share an origin story in my life -- both came to me through Godfather Timothy.

By the way -- has anyone else been listening to BBC Radio 4's Classic Serial -- it's an evocative adaptation of Mervyn Peake's Titus books. Mervyn Peake is one of my favourite artists, and Gormenghast would probably be my desert island book.


  1. I'm looking forward to digging into my own copy of The Complete Chronicles of Conan after I've finished the two books I'm currently reading.

    I love these striking, black volumes that are being produced of the old pulp classics. There are two volumes of Lovecraft tales also produced in this style and one of other REH (non-Conan) tales.

    All of which will, eventually, find their way onto my shelves ;-)

  2. I must confess that I miss the pulp covers of the old paper backs (do you remember me crouched on the floor in the dining room of Good Station Road with Little Nemo, and Lovecraft and Conan?).

    I'm finding this huge book a bit unwieldly -- having said that, it really does look like a Chronicles.

  3. Oh yes, I remember :-)

    And, yes, the size of these volumes is a tad unwieldy (this from the man having issues with holding A Game Of Thrones while reading it!). But I'm guessing it's as much about the look of the book as its actual functionality!

    You probably need a reading lectern to rest it on and give it its due reverence.

  4. Starting him on ice cream already? nom


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