Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bump, coming in and shouting at old ladies.

1a. This is a morning when I really need my mum. I call, and she comes.

1. To meet Katie-who-I-used-to-live-with and see her looking even more bumpy, and to feel so happy I can't stop smiling at her. Of course I've always been happy for friends who are pregnant with a much-wanted child -- but since Alec was born, it makes me feel... buoyant. I must be remembering how happy I was, and I suppose that their choice is affirming my choice, too.

2. Copy and pictures that I had given up for lost come in like stray sheep scampering to catch up with the flock. And Martin offers me half his bacon sandwich so I don't feel jealous (I had porridge for breakfast, so I'm immune to bacon).

3. My mother says she and Alec have been sitting on the bench at the bottom of the road. "He wasn't wearing his hoodie, but he was shouting at old ladies. They loved him."