Thursday, July 07, 2011

Reading, giggling and last feed.

1. Now that Alec is bigger, I can read while I feed him -- ain't life grand! This morning I finish off the book Rosey gave me for my birthday, The House of Many Ways by the much-missed Diana Wynne Jones. It has her usual, satisfying click-into-place ending. I also forge ahead with Annie Proulx's Accordian Crimes. Her books make me want to be a better, braver writer, who isn't afraid of dark places.

2. From the hall I hear a familiar giggle -- but that can't be my son, because he's in a very grumpy mood today. But it is -- Charlie is tickling him, and he's having hysterics.

3. I've started eating my supper early with Alec. Once his bedtimes were horrible -- I'd be on edge because I was ravenous, and he'd be on edge, too, and sometimes I'd still be sitting there at nearly 9pm. Now the last feed is a calm, dozy time. In the dim light I read a little, dream a little, snooze a little. Alec's eyes droop, his sucking slows and he drifts gently off to sleep. At about twenty past eight I lay him in his cot and go downstairs to join Nick.