Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Absorbed, brothers and rewards of industry.

1. Getting so into a story that I nearly make myself late for work.

2. Most mornings I see two little blonde bespectacled brothers, aged about nine and seven, on their way to school. Up until the start of this term, their mother was always with them. But now they are allowed to go it alone. They usually seem to be having a serious conversation about something -- but perhaps it's just the glasses that give them such an air of solemnity.

3. Seeing a friend growing in confidence because a supportive and perceptive managing director has taken a special interest in him.


  1. I love how you took something negative in your life and made a way for positive things. Life can be difficult and it is easy to stay negative I applaude you for seeing the positive everyday! Our family had a life changing event and it has changed the way I view things too. I now choose to see the positive things around me. Keep it up! anyone wants to read of a Real life miracle in today's world they can on my blog - it is in the July archives! thanks!

  2. I got so into a story this morning that I almost forgot to take one of my ferrets to her veternary appointment. I was reading The Almond by Nedjma.

    The image of the bespecled brothers reminds me of riding a borrowed bicycle around County Clare and spying a young girl berating her older brother in Gaelic. The sound of the language was lyrical, even if the content of her speach was not so poetic.

  3. I have two cousins who always look like they're being serious, but usually they are plotting some mischief...

    Bob T Bear


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