Saturday, December 09, 2006

Wordsmith, something for the weekend and job done.

Notice: In the past I have mentioned a funny man who walks around Tunbridge Wells apologising to everyone he meets ('Sorry to bother you, sorry to bother you') and singing about sin. I often hear him in the street when I am working in my flat, and I always run to the window to enjoy the reactions of passers-by -- mostly bemusement and smiles. On YouTube yesterday we found a film of him in action. It's not very good quality, but I think it's a great little picture of one of the joys of Tunbridge Wells.

1. The confidence which comes from knowing that the diligent He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named has done an editorial check of a story I am about to send out.

2. On Friday morning, getting an email about plans for Saturday.

3. Finding a man-with-a-van to help me move four days before Christmas.


  1. I have encountered that man. One of his "songs" goes "I'm a naughty boy. I'm a naughty boy".

  2. I can't belive anyone is brave enough to move four days before Christmas. Hope some one has invited you Christmas dinner x x Good luck


    welcome to my blog,and happy all days!

  4. We used to have a similar unique figure in the town where I lived in Victoria, Australia - he would wear many coats and clothes, cover himself in beads and wear dark shades and a hat and carry around bags and a walking stick. I learnt through a friend's grandmother, who worked at a second-hand charity store (that he would frequent to buy things for his outfit) that he thought he was a modern day Sherlock Holmes and had to be in disguise lest anybody found him out and discovered his secret and therefore stopped him in his mystery/conspiracy-solving role.....
    btw- your blog is fantastic and always brings a smile....

  5. i have a few photos of him in my Blog. He brightens up Tunbridge wells
    I could hear him singing this morning


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