Friday, December 29, 2006

Morning tea, revenge and hostess.

1. I am tapping away in the sitting room first thing and Katie comes in with a mug of tea.

2. PaulV goes into Katie's room to get changed and emerges wearing her pyjama bottoms. To get him back, I put a bra in his coat pocket. Wish I'd thought, as Kim suggested, of putting a thong in his wallet.

3. Guests sitting on our big red sofas eating icecream and chocolate sauce.


  1. Hmm, I didn't realize he was so into wearing woman's clothing. Thongs too?

    4. Being able to dress any way that you feel like and feel comfortable around friends.

  2. i loved living alone, but living with someone else can be so much fun because you can do nice things for each other like make each other tea or hot chocolate. i know you guys will have a wonderful time together!

  3. your second 3BT reminds me of a mini-cation we took to Dublin a few years ago. on the ride back to the airport, our bus was loaded with group of middle aged to retired English ladies - obviously friends or a social group or whatever - returning from a holiday in the Emerald Isle. They were giggling and nattering the entire way and reminded Honey and me of the poultry in "Chicken Run." the connection to your story: they were probably somewhat still hungover from the previous evening. and they were recounting their stories. we others on the bus couldn't help but overhear and as a result we tried not to smile, so as not to seem to be eavesdropping. however, when one lady said, "I wonder what he thought when found the thong in his pocket: 'how the hell did that get there?!'" Honey and I gave up and let our giggles escape. As the ladies accounted for 80% of those on the bus, our giggles were merely a few more in the chorus.

    I agree with Kim. Go for the thong in the wallet, next time!

  4. I can't believe he did that! And worse, that you didn't tell me!!

  5. I thought I did... sorry. Maybe I just told James and Kim. He did have pants on.


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