Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Fogged in, call taker and Chinese whispers.

1. The cosy feeling of an office surrounded by fog.

2. The jolly and helpful man at Tunbridge Wells Borough Council who took my call about moving house.

3. Feeding a comment about 3BT from a Chinese language blog into Babelfish and seeing myself described as an eldest sister. I love the cryptic phrasing -- what is 'the psychological stratification plane' and who is the abundant guest? The comment: 'The record happy present, actually will be the forecast happy future,' is not in conventional English, but I think I get the idea!


  1. Good luck moving tomorrow! You will have to change your 'where I live' section - what are you going to put?

  2. It doesn't mean 'the eldest sister' there, but it is rather a respectful way of calling someone who is senior with the age or more knowledgeable than the writer him or herself. :)


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