Friday, December 15, 2006

Long legs, support and pearly kings.

1. Oli standing up and saying 'I feel so tall in these boots. I can see Crowborough! Crowboooorough.'

2. Support and encouragement when it is really needed.

3. This year's Christmas stamps are not very attractive because they are of the snowman-Father Christmas-reideer variety, but while I am gumming them to a stack of envelopes, I notice that they have a pearlescent sheen to them.

PS: Erin over at Dress A Day is drabbling this week -- she's writing 100-word stories in the voices of some of her dresses. Do go over and have a look.


  1. I love the Christmas stamps this year, they are bright and cheerful which is just what you need on cold dark and gloomy winter days.

  2. Oh that link to Dress a Day is a hoot!

    Thanks for the smiles, Clare!

  3. My BT is the ruby russett colour when light shines through a pint of Guinness. And also seeing work colleagues messing around and crying with laughter. The wonders of Christmas lunches!

  4. i've been depressed all week about getting my wisdom teeth out (tomorrow!) so i've been hard pressed to come up with some beautiful things. Luckily I've thought of some:

    1. I was sulking because I wanted something funny to watch while I'm at home with a bag of frozen peas on my face, and I didn't think I had anything. Then I was unpacking from our recent trip home and remembered that Jim's dad had given us a DVD of the Life of Brian.

    2. On top of teeth woes, I've had a 48-hour stomach flu. Now that I'm feeling better I realize that being sick took my mind off my teeth.

    3. My normally unfriendly cat seems to sense my anxiety, and has been almost annoyingly affectionate.


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