Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Family resemblance, photos and TLC.

1. My father saying that dressed up for Christmas day I reminded him of my great aunt -- who was always said to be very stylish.

2. The grandmother twittering with pleasure about the photo album our cousins made for her.

3. My brother making me a hugely strong gin and tonic because he thought I needed cheering up; and Rosey sitting on me for a cuddle; and settling down to do a jigsaw of old books with my mother.


  1. Hope the G&T worked. G&T in combination with friends always works for me!
    Hope u had a good Xmas, and may I wish you a happy stay at your new place.

  2. Wishing you a very merry christmas and a Happy New Year!

    You have shown me how to look at the positives in my life, even if the day looks gloomy!

    Thanks, and continue spreading optimism!

  3. what a lovely Christmas, it sounds like! i love the twittering grandmother; though i don't know yours, and mine doesn't twitter, it's still a very vivid image for me.

    incidentally, as we spent this Christmas with my Brit-in-laws, we had yorkshire pudding and crackers (is that what they're called?) with dinner.


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