Thursday, December 21, 2006

Frost, sunlight and aid.

1. Dark green holly leaves edged with a rime of frost; and in the window, frosted cobwebs have been arousing wonder.

2. Watching sunlight move across the office as the day progresses. It turns from orange at sunrise, to pale yellow, to pink at sunset. As the sun sinks, on the hills to the east of the office, a high window in a house hidden by the woods reflects a little spark of the sunset.

3. In exchange for dinner, Andy comes round to get things off top shelves, laugh at my shoes and help me deal with more frightening items hidden in dark cupboards and high places.


  1. ...speculating about the significance of the latest Harry Potter title...I have some idea that Aunt Petunia might know what it means!

  2. Finding some homemade Christmas cookies in the lunchbag. (yes, Tollhouse).


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