Thursday, December 07, 2006

One more cup of coffee, clearing up and pairwork.

1. There aren't many of us in the office today, so I get two mugs of coffee from the pot.

2. After days of wet and rain, a calm, clear day followed by a clear evening lit by a huge gibbous moon rolling round behind the trees.

3. Yoga is a very selfish practice because it one needs to really focus on oneself to do it well -- if you worry about what other people are doing, you tend to fall over. But sometimes our teacher makes us work in pairs. I don't much like the whole welcoming a near-stranger into your personal space, but it often adds a different dimension to the pose, and I like the way it changes the atmosphere. There is always a giggly, bubbly atmosphere in the hall, with everyone smiling at each other and chatting quietly about the pose. And I also like it when we go on to the next pose and everything calms down again.


  1. Thanks for reminding me that I need to stop off on my way to work and buy the canister refill for our office coffee stock today.


  2. 4. Making the coffee at work and getting that first fragrant cup. Sniffing the grounds as you take them out of the tin.

  3. Where ever you are on the globe, the moon HAS been elegant-looking recently. BEAUTIFUL <3

  4. My mummy does YOGA at home with a DVD an uses the mantelpiece for extra balance. I think it's cheating, but getting your foot up there is still impressive, I suppose.

    Bob T Bear esq.

  5. So, that's where the moon went. It was rolling round behind some trees in Tunbridge Wells.

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