Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Campaign for real bread, embrace and a family.

1. We are low on bread again, and I complain to Katie that there is nowhere at this end of town to buy real bread -- unless I am prepared to trail through the entire supermarket, or buy olive / raisin / rosemary artisanal knot bread from a deli at £4 a pop. But when I run into the newsagents after milk, among the plastic sliced bread I find two proper loaves.

2. I am standing chatting to a friend and her little girl puts her arms around my leg and gives me a hug.

3. Hurrying through the park to writing I see Matt, Anna and small Oli enjoying ice creams on a balmy summer night. I stop to say hi just as Anna offers Oli a lick that lights up his face.


  1. Make the bread! It's a beautiful thing in itself!
    I promise!

  2. And if you can't be bothered with yeast bread, make Irish brown bread - it rises with baking soda, so you just stir it up and shove it in the oven.


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