Sunday, June 08, 2008

Pop, falling with style and escape.

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1. Breaking the skin of a tomato with the tip of a sharp knife.

2. A park full of people watching unlikely flying machines throwing themselves into the Serpentine.

3. In the Grove a tiny person in a green jumper escapes from its mother and, shouting 'Da da da da', runs towards the stream of people coming up from the station.


  1. i have been so out of touch lately, even the idea of looking at three beautiful things (or one, sadly) is foreign. all i can see around me is what is wrong and i miss ~ desperately ~ living in the moment, that crystalline joy that comes from being present in each instant of my day. i've been there before . . . it's been a long time. i'm not sure how to get it back, but reading you this morning is a start. thank you.

  2. You'll get back -- don't worry. If you recognise that you've lost the moment, you'll find it again soon.

    And have you seen

  3. Hi Clare....thanks to you and bigassbelle I have just checked out Great blog. Thanks a lot.

  4. #2 i saw that on television - it was a and the day was rainless no ??


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