Monday, June 02, 2008

Ellen's extras, that dress I wore, icecream, job done, there are spiders and a public information film.

Ellen-who-I-used-to-work-with shares:

On a walk through a country lane. The humid air is mustering some fragrant smells from the hedgerow. It is escaped hop all throughout from a historically known Harveys (Sussex beer) hop field that no longer resides there some five years past. The hops live on defiantly.

The look upon my father’s face when I hand him his smiling grand daughter who is sporting new teeth.

3. The neighbour’s confident son. He’s putting up a shed in the back garden. All’s well until I discover a large panel the size of the roof to be a spare part. “Oh knickers” he says.

And mine are:

1. Putting on a frock because Nick has offered to wash my jeans with his own laundry. It's the same dress I was wearing when we met.

2. Choosing ice cream for supper -- we settle for strawberry. Later when we are eating it, Nick announces: 'I've found a strawberry!'

3. Feelings of satisfaction at the amount of writing done.

And this is a beautiful thing I forgot from yesterday:

A small girl shrieks and runs to her father, who says, 'No there is not a spider on your back.' And then: 'Izzy, don't tell your sister she's got spiders on her.'

And this is a video, courtesy of Salway, S.