Monday, June 02, 2008

Ellen's extras, that dress I wore, icecream, job done, there are spiders and a public information film.

Ellen-who-I-used-to-work-with shares:

On a walk through a country lane. The humid air is mustering some fragrant smells from the hedgerow. It is escaped hop all throughout from a historically known Harveys (Sussex beer) hop field that no longer resides there some five years past. The hops live on defiantly.

The look upon my father’s face when I hand him his smiling grand daughter who is sporting new teeth.

3. The neighbour’s confident son. He’s putting up a shed in the back garden. All’s well until I discover a large panel the size of the roof to be a spare part. “Oh knickers” he says.

And mine are:

1. Putting on a frock because Nick has offered to wash my jeans with his own laundry. It's the same dress I was wearing when we met.

2. Choosing ice cream for supper -- we settle for strawberry. Later when we are eating it, Nick announces: 'I've found a strawberry!'

3. Feelings of satisfaction at the amount of writing done.

And this is a beautiful thing I forgot from yesterday:

A small girl shrieks and runs to her father, who says, 'No there is not a spider on your back.' And then: 'Izzy, don't tell your sister she's got spiders on her.'

And this is a video, courtesy of Salway, S.


  1. I love the Boomdianna thing! Thanks for sharing that. I also love the thought of the grandfather's face enjoying the delight of his teething grandchild.When my daughter was that age, my Dad would reverse down his driveway grinning away, waving at her, and nearly always end up a fraction away from the letterbox or side-swiping the fence!

  2. great video. Thanks for sharing


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