Saturday, June 07, 2008

Routine, teacher and a night of TV.

1. The ten minutes between the first alarm and the second alarm, which are dedicated solely to cuddling. After that is around 15 minutes dedicated to writing-two-sides-from-a-prompt, listening to Nick shaving in the bathroom and then pretending to be still asleep so he can wake me up again.

2. We are eating lunch on the Pantiles, Fenella and I, when I spot someone looking at me. 'Are you Clare?' I recognise my old Latin teacher -- 'Mr Badcock!'

3. These are the things that made me laugh last night: Sea otters riding ostriches in a Buck Rogers-South Park. Rowley Birkin QC in the Fast Show; and The Mighty Boosh.


  1. i wonder what it is that makes humans so love awake time in bed? the mornings i don't have to actually get up and can just lie there until i'm ready, snuggled down, cuddled up with those i love, it's magnificent.

  2. Only ten minutes? Get a clock with a longer snooze setting


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