Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The rain, a homonym and how summers used to be.

1. I am shaking the water off my umbrella when the sun comes out.

2. 'What's time?' asks Jules.
'About ten to seven,' I reply, without stopping typing.
I don't understand why he's laughing, until Katie calls: 'Get some sage and fennel, too.'

3. I smell honeysuckle before I see it. It reminds me of a day in the summer I finished my GCSEs -- James and Glen and PaulV and I were walking in the woods. It was hot -- a proper June day -- and the world smelt of dust and honeysuckle. Someone picked a vine of it to twist round my straw hat.


  1. Ha ha ha!! I never heard this interchange! Too good. *:)

  2. fact: honeysuckle is one of my favorite scents in the world.

    opinion: time/thyme rhyme mixup made me laugh!

  3. my neighbor has an incredibly twisted, ancient old tree growing on the side of his house that faces mine. he's new to it, so does not know that this gnarly dried up thing bursts into full flower in january, bringing with it the most divine honeysuckle scent. i have loved honeysuckle since childhood, when my sister and i would spread a blanket next to the covered fence and feed each other the droplets of honey that can be pulled from each little trumpet.


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