Friday, June 13, 2008

Working together, lunch and memories.

Lynne Rees is using 3BT in her AppleHouse Poetry Workshop -- can't wait to see some of the results.

1. Tania and I write from the same set of prompts at the same time. As she points out afterwards, we're thousands of miles apart, but sharing creative energy.

2. Tender gnocchi in a green sauce, a bottle of fizzy water and a tiny cup of espresso.

3. We watch Ray Mears interviewing Torres Straits islanders. A toothless former pearl shell diver reminisces about scaring sharks by blowing bubbles at them. He laughs as he describes driving them towards a rival, and the rival scaring them back again.


  1. Our prompt-writing session was definitely one of my 3 beautiful things too!

  2. I was quite taken by old the diver too. I could have listened to his stories forever.Loved the song and music he played.


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