Monday, June 30, 2008

Heads, found and praline.

1. Among the trembling grasses at Wellington Rocks, two small blonde heads.

2. Three men hunt backwards and forwards on the cricket pitch boundary for a lost set of car keys. They are found in a pocket -- much to everyone's relief.

3. A bite of praline in a spoonful of icecream.


  1. I can relate directly to the lost keys. I've put them in the wrong pocket so many times and then hunted everywhere but there, because I never put them there.


  2. This morning on my way into work I counted *seven* squirrels in one tiny tree - this tree couldn't have been more than a couple of years old. There was a big burly one who had something that the others really wanted. I swear, I didn't know squirrels could make noises like that!

  3. I enjoyed the key story. It called to mind my hand in a lost set. I inadvertently picked up keys that looked exactly liked my own as I left a copy center counter, only to find them in my pocket a few hours later.

    Too late to give the guy a ride home from the store (gasp!) but in time to avoid a key duplication effort.

    Still -- even ten years later -- I cringe with guilt, thinking of the keys' owner marching down the store aisles, searching.

  4. #1 what a sweet observance and #3 yummo


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