Sunday, June 29, 2008

Time of day, passing on and the grasses.

1. A morning chat with my little sister on her birthday.

2. I've been Freecycling books, and I get a note from a lady saying that she wishes I could have seen her little girl when she got home from school and discovered the pile of children's books -- apparently she is devouring one or two a day, so new ones are always needed. I'm really glad to have helped out another bookworm.

3. Looking across the long grass on the Common. I love seeing the wind turn the stems like waves on water.


  1. I LOVE Freecycle! As I pack box after box for the move, I come to something I haven't used and won't use, and post it -- nice people come and take it away! It's truly amazing! I hesitated about putting "big jar of matchbooks" -- three people responded within 20 minutes! I've been taking books to the library and the Y -- both are having book sales -- but all the other "stuff" is disappearing. Yeah!


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