Friday, June 27, 2008

Red/green, coming back and competition.

1. Salt and pepper on a cucumber and tomato salad.

2. I have given so many books away in the last few weeks. In my darker moments, when I remember how little money-earning work I am doing at the moment, I wonder how much I have spent on these books. But then Katie clears her shelves, too, and asks if there's anything I want. I see clearly how many books arrive in my life like this -- gifts from friends, 10p boxes, special offers and charity shops. And I compare a full-priced paperback to a cinema ticket, and they don't seem so expensive after all.

3. Our second Wii controller has arrived, which means that Nick and I can play together. He beats me smartly at tennis, and hugs me tightly after each set. I am less gracious when I trounce him at bowling.


  1. Play doubles wii tennis and share the love!

  2. I recommend buying one book (with CD)Louise Hay's "I Can Do it", cheapest from
    (a great site).You already seem to live this, but it helps get you get back on track when you lose your way a bit.
    All the best in your adventures in life.

  3. Re giving books away. I've set a goal for myself: give 100 books away this year, and have given 14 so far, since I started a couple of weeks ago.

  4. Thanks Alison -- I've been looking at her site, and she has a
    daily affirmation
    ; perhaps it would be worth my working with one of those each day.

    Karen -- are you documenting your project on a website or blog? I bet there are some lovely stories coming out.


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