Friday, June 06, 2008

Red on bread, halva and dark path.

1. Putting squishy sliced tomatoes from last night's salad into my sandwich.

2. Cutting a slice of sesame halva -- I love the flaky crystalised texture.

3. Now that everything is in full leaf, the Common paths are dark and cool and secretive -- a relief from the bright look-at-me look-at-me street.


  1. halvah! halvah! halvah!
    I love a good halvah!

  2. Slicing halva even sounds good when you say it, let alone when you actually do it and it crumbles on the knife .....

  3. i agree with gillie ~ sounds good even to say it. i have lost many trees in my garden in the last six months due to our december ice storm and just last week a terrible wind. i am trying to adjust to BRIGHT SUNLIGHT! and the lack of shade, but 'tis hard. i like "cool and secretive" as a relief from the "bright look-at-me" of summer.


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