Saturday, June 14, 2008

There all along, beans and object of desire.

1. In my pile of morning reading, a list of homographs makes me perk up -- I'd never noticed evening and evening or moped and moped.

3. Popping broad beans out of their pods -- I like the foamy lining.

2. A Freecycle pick-up. At 9am, I decide I want a soldering iron to fix my hairclip. At 4.30pm, I find one waiting on an assigned bench.


  1. Thanks for the homograph link - I love the twisty nature of our words. I like looking for words within words too. There are so many additional layers when you starting picking at them.

  2. Excellent link, Clare, thank you - not just for the homographs. It's the practical writing tips site I've been looking for.

  3. Certainly a stimulating list. Like Jaye, I constantly find myeself looking for words within words.

  4. oh my I like this post,
    sewer - drain OR person who sews
    I never look at words that way, lovely. and broaad beans, they are wonderful, and we use freecycle here too, very good though not quite that efficient in Brussels!


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