Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Change of temperature, breast pocket and tangle.

1. To come out of the too hot baby pool and into the refreshing water of the main pool. And then into the bright water of the outdoor pool. And then back to the baby pool, which now seems like a lovely warm bath.

2. Alec leans over and drops the phone into Tim's breast pocket and then takes it out again. Tim is rather mazed. I explain that every evening Nick comes home with his wallet and ID in his breast pocket. When he leans over to kiss me, Alec empties his pocket.

3. Our bed -- by which I mean mine and Alec's -- is now such a nest of pillows and knitted blankets and summer and winter duvets and books and toys and lost handkerchiefs that it doesn't matter where you put your head. The important thing is that you can find each other in the small hours without opening your eyes, and that there's a place for Nick when he joins us (well refreshed by a restful night's sleep) in the morning.