Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gone out, herb garden and the cavalry.

1. When we get there -- and with the road closed, it took a lot of getting -- we are told that Granny has gone out for the afternoon: "She's taken them in the minibus with a flask of tea and everything." 

2. To walk through a herb garden and run my hands through anything that looks interesting.

2b. She says she's from Alaska, and sitting in the sun with my clothes sticking to me, I think "Mmm, cold."

3. More troubles on this hot, bright day: the trains are badly delayed. When we get to Tunbridge Wells, there are a lot of subdued, sticky, dusty people waiting on the platform. As we get off, I feel like shouting: "It's all right, the cavalry has come", but I don't think they'd appreciate it.