Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Torch bearer, edging and devil.

The Olympic torch passed the bottom of our road yesterday. Of course we turned out to watch -- everyone did, I think! Anke has some photos.

1. On the way up to the top of town we pass one of the torch bearers, still in her Olympic tracksuit and with her torch slung over her shoulder. She is arm in arm with her boyfriend. I smile at her, and she smiles back so brightly and honestly that you would not think she has been smiling at people all day.

2. It smells of green and of earth where the park keeper is tidying the edge of the path. He has cut all along it with an edging knife and is now using a small hoe to scrape away the ragged slices of grass and soil. "That looks nice," I tell him. I'm not sure if I mean the work itself or the results.
"Thank you very much," he says. He nods at Alec asleep in his pushchair. "He looks comfortable."

3. While we are getting Alec off to sleep he slides off the bed and stroll off round the bedroom singing "Ohhh okey-cokey-cokey" in a devilchild voice. Nick and I look at each other in the dim light and burst out laughing.

4. To go to a bar and listen to people reading their own poetry.