Monday, July 23, 2012

Energy, wasp and chocolate.

1.  Nick comes home in the middle of the afternoon and says: "He's asleep, isn't he... There's a..." he pauses as if he can't quite believe what he's about to say. "There's an energy missing from the house." 

2. The thing that stung the back of my neck was a wasp. It blunders back into my skirt, and when I release it outside, it goes quietly -- contrite, or more likely stunned from when I flung it across the room.

3. To nibble on a piece of really interesting chocolate. I made Nick start a cheese tasting diary, which he now keeps with great satisfaction, recording notes and comments and facts and jokes. Perhaps I need to follow my own advice with chocolate.


  1. A cheese joke:
    What did the cheese say when it looked in the mirror?


    (I didn't say it was a very good cheese joke.)

  2. That's an excellent cheese joke. Mine is more of a useful fact: Edam is the only cheese that is made backwards.

  3. A chocolate diary - yes, me too. The greatest thing I've discovered in chocolate recently is a salted mocha and dark chocolate salted caramel bar.

    I often can't wait til my kids fall asleep, and then I miss them sometimes. Perhaps it is the energy they inject into any atmosphere.

  4. And you could get Alec to keep a bub diary...

  5. I love salted chocolate! Rococo do a good one.

    I think getting Alec to keep a diary would only encourage him in his acrobatic nursing feats and his requests for my services in bizarre places.


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