Sunday, July 15, 2012

Done, flappy feet and DIY.

1. To wake up on a Saturday and to have already done the supermarket shop for the weekend.

2. Alec wakes from his nap before Nick does. He has some bub* and then asks "Dad-dad?"
"Upstairs," I tell him. "Daddy's in the attic."
"Dad-dad," says Alec, and slides down off the bed. I hear his flappy feet on the landing, and I suppose I ought to follow. I get there just in time to see the door at the bottom of the attic stairs closing behind him: "Bye bye Mummy! Harro Daddy!"

3. Alec takes a long time to settle, so I tell Nick to cook his own supper. I come down and find him finishing up a plateful of bacon and eggs. Neither the food nor the kitchen is burnt, and he says he made himself some rice cakes out the leftover risotto (don't ask for the how-to, they'd gone by the time I got there). 

*For anyone curious about the actual experience of being breastfed, Alec now has the vocab to report back. He comes off and pronounces it "Nai", which probably means 'nice' and is also used to describe biscuits, strawberries and trains.