Friday, July 27, 2012

Strawberry tarts, soft butter and fastest bedtime ever.

1. Louise brings strawberry tarts for our puddings. They are sweet and tart and juicy and creamy and crisp and buttery all at once.

2. The butter was meant to be chilled, but it's such a hot day that it was soft enough to slide off a spoon. The dough is much easier to work with, and in the end the scones aren't that much heavier than usual.

3. Alec is furious when I get him out of the backpack. He is tears and snot and flailing heels and arching spine in a pair of little red shorts. I think he's overtired and got a bit over-excited at nursery -- I noticed two of the staff had brought him down to the garden on his own at hometime, and he was running around like a clockwork toy. I take him upstairs to bed and -- somehow -- manage to get a clean nappy and a clean T-shirt on him. Then I offer him some bub and it's as if I've pressed an off-switch. He's asleep before we can do the second side, and I go downstairs feeling lopsided. The clock shows that we've been home for quarter of an hour.