Sunday, July 08, 2012

Pleased, no rush and time for sleep.

1. Alec looks pleased with himself and his world at breakfast time. He is sitting on Nick's lap eating pieces of pancake off Nick's plate.

2. It takes the lady in front of me at the supermarket FOUR goes to pay for her groceries. "But it says: 'Press clear to cancel'," she tells the checkout assistant.
"That's just if you've made a mistake. Don't press clear, you don't want to cancel."
"Well on the other machines you just press OK."
"That's right, press OK."
"It says I've put my number in wrong."
I lean against the conveyor belt. I'm really not in any hurry to re-join my boys and start mothering again.

3. Alec has slithered down off the bed during his evening wind-down and is having a high old time flinging open the curtains and saying: "Boo!" He doesn't look very sleepy at all. Nick and I are having a cuddle and pretending to watch him. He has been trying to get our attention by coming to the edge of the bed and saying very plaintively "Bub?" but when I try to lift him up he runs back to the curtains giggling. In due course I remember what I should be doing and tell Alec: "One more boo, and then it's bub and go-to-sleep. You're a tired little man." I expect tears and a riot -- but he comes quietly and settles down between us once again. Nick goes downstairs, and Alec (and I, it later turns out) drift off to sleep.