Saturday, July 28, 2012

Looking back, big screen and ceremony.

1. To hold a very small baby and see that this week, she is looking back at you.

2. There is a definite buzz about the park today: big screens are going up so the town can gather and watch the opening of the Olympics. Coloured banners make gateways of the green paths, and a large number of nonchalant dog walkers (who just happen to be passing) observe the work, while other people pretend that they've just come out to give the kids a go in the playground.

3. "I suggest you work until 10 o'clock and then we can watch the opening ceremony together," says Nick as he wanders into the sitting room. I look at him dozily, and then sink back into the task.
"Darling girl, you're missing it!"
I come back up and go through to watch the fireworks and within minutes I'm glued to the set. I love the parade of athletes best, with the commentators vying to provide the most obscure information about each team, and I was so happy for the first women olympians from Brunei, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Then there were those intriguing copper petals, carried so carefully in gloved hands by children in ethereal gold costumes. What were they for? The commentators kept hinting that it was something amazing, pretending they didn't know, but you could tell they did.