Monday, July 09, 2012

I can smell again, train report and biscuits.

1. I've had a cold since the week of my birthday and I haven't yet smelt the bathing goodies I bought for myself as a treat. This morning I have the house to myself and my nose is almost back to normal, so I clean the bathroom, run a bath and lie back.

2. Nick and Alec come home from their morning walk. Alec reports: "Toot toot. Bick bick. Mummy." Nick reports that there was a line of dads and lads on the platform at the station, and that the train driver waved to them.

3. Costa Coffee are doing giant British biscuits this summer. They are about three times life-size and somewhat softer than the real thing. The custard cream which I shared with Alec tasted totally authentic; and I've fallen a tiny bit in love with the bitter chocolate Bourbon Cream (which is a co-incidence, because a tiny bit of it is all I got).