Thursday, July 12, 2012

Resilient, novel and I don't mind.

1. I gave up on edibles in the woven willow bed this year and threw down a handful of flower seeds. They have been smothered by nasturtiums, 'watered' by Alec with bird seed and dug up twice by a mysterious night visitor. But now two of them have put out midnight blue trumpets striped with butter yellow.

2. To stretch out in a bath with Carnevale, a novel rich as tiramisu... at half past nine in the morning because Alec has gone down for a nap.

3. Alec gets bored and walks off halfway through storytime. I am left gazing happily at Eric Carle's illustrations in Pancakes Pancakes.


  1. is funny going to story time - mine both never sat still but I loved sitting and being read to...i guess when the youngest is old enough to be in school I shall have to not turn up just to listen without a would just be a bit odd

  2. Ohh, you could find a mother of twins who needs a hand taking them out. Or volunteer to help with storytime. Or start your own.

    Embarrassingly, I was just reading to Alec by myself.

  3. 1 so gratifying I have the same love affair with seeds here


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