Wednesday, July 11, 2012

TV, finally and the phone call.

1. To put my now cold breakfast coffee on the sitting room window sill and watch Chuggington with Alec's warm back snuggled against me.

2. It gets to 4.30pm, and I can't face spending the empty half hour before supper at home on this day when I can't do anything right. I put Alec in the backpack and we go down to the station to watch a couple of trains pull out. Alec's little voice in my ear and his waving hand on the edge of my visual field: "Bye toot toot. Bye bye. Bye toot toot. Bye toot. Bye bye toot toot." I can see commuters smiling at us.

3. "Is now a good time?" Cat wonders when she calls.
"Yes! Oh yes, I'm so glad you called. We've had such a day. How did you know?"


  1. You guys sure seem to like trains!

  2. I've made peace with Chuggington -- I do think it's better quality than some things, and the moral messages actually seem realistic and relevant to real life. And the characterisation is very good.

    Natalie -- yes we do! It's a cheap, simple way to amuse Alec as we only live three minutes from the station.

  3. Has he discovered Thomas the Tank Engine, the Ringo-narrated version? Essential for the budding locomotophile. L was addicted, Roger learnt to read by learning the words by heart and fitting it to the symbols on the page.


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