Sunday, March 03, 2013

Copying, turning red and seeming.

1a. When I put Alec's breakfast on the table he says: "That look lovely, Mummy."
1b. ...and at the end of supper he says: "That was very nice." He is copying Nick, of course.

2. The long brownish peppers that came in our veggie box yesterday are turning from green to red before our eyes. I've put them in the fruit bowl on top of the bananas in the hopes that the ethylene will help them along.

3. Alec has been pretending to be a horse called Galahad (it's ever since I offered pretend sugar to the broom that he was riding round the kitchen: the logic being that I might offer him real sugar). Today we took Alec out for an airing on The Pantiles. He was dawdling along the wall making clip-clop noises and I said: "Come on, Galahad, keep going," ... and laughed when I realised that I sounded like the sort of person who named her son Galahad. I wanted to talk loudly about how his name was really Alec and that he was only pretending to be a horse called Galahad, but I thought that would make me seem even worse.