Friday, March 29, 2013

Sculpture, nails and deliveries.

1. "That's enough Youtube," I tell Alec. "I don't even know what language that last video was. Play with..." I look desperately around the room "Er... Plasticine. And Galahad." The protests die away, and next time I look up it's because I'm being asked to "Make helicopter" because poor Galahad is up to his fetlocks in mud (orange Plasticine).

2. "Excuse my nails," she says as she starts my treatment. "I got them done for a party. Not very professional, but I'm rather liking the flashes of colour as I work."

3. We got a card today from some friends abroad which reads: "If I could, I'd leave a big basket of happiness on your doorstep." Nick comments, as he takes the empties out for tomorrow's deliveries, "We're getting milk and vegetables instead."