Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Extra duvet, snuggled up and waking up.

1. I am so cold that I can't sleep. I pull an extra duvet on to my side of the bed and immediately feel better.

2. It is so chilly that Alec snuggles up to me in the dark -- I can feel the warmth rolling off his back.

3. When Nick comes down in the morning Alec announces that he is "Going in the big boy bed". He lies there for a time and then gets up to march round the bedroom shouting orders at us: "Put your glasses on! Go downstairs! It breakfast time!" While he amuses himself, Nick and I cuddle up together and occasionally ask him to use a gentle voice and say please.


  1. Sounds like it was cold for all. Should have shared the duvet.

    1. I think he finds the duvet a bit big and flumphy -- he likes the microfibre blanket that I use as extra covers (that was why I was cold, because he'd nicked the blanket!)


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