Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Found, museum and sunset.

1. In all the confusion of an unexpected change of train I lose my purse. I am dully miserable -- I can't even find the guard to ask for help because the train is so crowded and because the pushchair is too wide to fit through the connecting doors.  "Stay there," I tell Alec. "I'm going to look one more time."
I can hear him telling the man we are sitting next to: "Mummy's lost her purse, Mummy's lost her purse."
I check my coat pockets, the folds of the hood, the useful compartments, the basket. Nothing. And then my purse slithers to the floor -- I still can't work out where it came from.

2. Janey, Alec and I went for a day out at The Science Museum today, as recommended in a comment some months ago by Alison. She was quite right about the toddler section in the basement -- Alec was thrilled, particularly by the chance to mess around with running water, but also by dropping beanbags down a rubble chute and by his distorted reflection in a curved mirror. In the other parts of the museum he surprised me by totally ignoring the life-size models of  early steam engines -- YouTube footage of such engines hissing and steaming like animated dinosaur skeletons make him shout with delight. We think that they were just too big for him to comprehend, because he was thrilled when he found a tiny model of Stephenson's Rocket.

2b. And you should have seen his face when we found a room with case after case displaying arable dioramas. A whole gallery dedicated to tractors.

3. A fat fiery sun heading for the horizon.

Picture from Sixty for 60.