Monday, March 11, 2013

Mothering, a good deed and homecoming.

3BT-inspired post on No Pens, Pencils, Knives or Scissors. Hillary has more children than me, so it stands to reason that her stories will be funnier, just saying.

Also I've got around to writing up half of my poetry-book-a-month challenge for February, here.

1. I came across this post from the parenting blog Crappy Pictures today, and it pretty much sums up my Mother's Day -- Alec was still snoring gently at 7.15am so I got a lie-in; Nick dealt with mealtimes so I got to eat with both hands. And I was excused visiting Nana and Grandad due to laryngitis and being pregnant, so I was able to complete my toilet unaided and unobserved.

2. The man at Spa Valley Railway who, seeing Nick and Alec with their faces pressed against the fence, let them through the gate for a better view of the "Black steamy toot-toot". He doesn't know it, but he inspired Nick to spend his birthday money on a Friends of the Spa Valley Railway membership.

3. Rosey is home after 18 months in Antarctica and will visit later this week. I hope she likes Alec now he can talk and walk and has hair.