Sunday, March 24, 2013

Snowing, reason for travel and surrender.

1. "What?" asks Nick, responding to my squeak of surprise.
It's snowing again. It's annoying, inconvenient and rather dispiriting because we've been waiting so long for spring. But it's always magical to see large flakes falling and it's fun to bundle up in warm clothes and to watch the ensuing chaos.

2. "I going to London," Alec tells the men across the aisle (we're not, we're just going ten minutes up the line) "Going to London for a playdate."
I nearly add that it's with a lady friend -- but I don't want to be an embarrassing mother.

3. Alec has definitely not finished napping (by which I mean I haven't even started on the me-time I had planned). He is having a bad dream about trains, and I think some trouble with wind. I nurse him and he seems to settle, but when I try to leave he pushes against me with his feet, grabs me and mutters a protest. I try again, waiting for his breathing to change and for his hand to relax. I'm feeling anxious about the minutes ticking away -- Nick will be out of the bath soon and it's not long until I have to start on supper. I try to leave again... and again... and again. And then I surrender. I'm here, on the bed with my small son who will not be two forever, until supper. Within minutes Alec's whole body and his whole presence has altered. He unlatches, rolls over and I'm free to leave.