Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Deltics, no Vikings and a treat downstairs.

1. In the lift at the station we get chatting to a guard about Alec's adventure at the Spa Valley diesel day. "I love those Deltics," he says. "They're so... muscular. Proper trains." He dreamily describes them as a St Bernard, "with those windows like sad eyes." Here are some images so you can see what he means.

2. A brisk but kind elderly couple enjoying the sun at Tonbridge Castle admire Alec and listen to his ramblings about Vikings (his current preoccupation). "They've gone for their tea," the man tells him. "That's why they're not here."

3. "There's a little treat for you downstairs," says Nick. He's been a pop-up Fairtrade chocolate shop and filled a shopping bag. He's also researched and bought a phone that will screen out the automated calls that have been driving me crazy.


  1. Those are some wonderful trains. I wish we had more trains in the U.S.
    I love the "must have gone to tea" reasoning. It reminds me of being told that Santa was "feeding the reindeer" when he went on break -- which always made me want to go see the reindeer . . .

  2. Ahh, the Vikings have gone for tea. I wondered what happened to them myself.


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