Friday, March 15, 2013

Ready, not my fault and good weather.

1. Feeling slightly strange and lost because we are ready to go out far too early. Rosey has been helping me all morning by amusing Alec and carrying on with my tasks when "only Mummy will do".

2. Alec has got his aunts muddled up and keeps calling Rosey "Aunty Biddy". He does it with a smile, so he might be playing around rather than making a real mistake. I'm sure Aunty Biddy will be very flattered; and Rosey says it doesn't matter because she thinks he will attribute any naughty words he picks up from her to poor blameless Aunty Biddy.

3. "It's a beautiful day," says the council worker glancing down the room towards the doors out to the street.
"Yes, isn't it," I say. I feel very fortunate to think that at the end of our conversation I will get up and walk out into the sunshine.