Saturday, March 09, 2013

Manners, card and drying off.

My aunt has posted a short account of our day at the Science Museum.

1. In Alec's nursery folder his key person has noted under language and social skills that he asked her (by name) to "Wash my hands please." She comments that she rarely has to remind him about please and thank you, which makes me feel very proud.

2. A Mothering Sunday card depicting a handprint flower with footprint leaves. It even has a picture inside of Alec giggling as they put the paint on his feet.

3. After walking home in the rain, to put on a dry pair of trousers.


  1. Lovely posts and a lovely photo of you and Alec reflected in the glass on your aunt's page. I can make out the "bump".

    1. Yes, it's inflated seriously fast -- and even more so now the chiro has said to relax and let it take its space.

  2. Lovely to hear. have a great Mother's day. I'm going to a local National Trust place, Hare Hill for a walk - rain or no rain! We joined last summer and are getting loads out of the membership as ther a number of lovely places quite near us. Maybe one day you and Nick and family will have a visit to Manchester and then you can see our Museum of Science and Industry. Here's a link to a page full of images of the Power Hall

  3. My "babies" remembered Mother's day too, texts while we were 1/2 way up a mountain in Wales in a gale and snow flurries.


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