Friday, March 08, 2013

In the pot, love affair and less pain.

1. While we are getting dressed I introduce Alec to his new Mike the Knight pants. He is very taken by them and picks a pair to try on. Then it's "Alec do widdle like Daddy," and suddenly he's in the bathroom sitting on the pot. Unfortunately  I haven't had time to explain that Daddy normally pulls his pants down (I'm assuming). But still -- a man's first widdle in the pot is something to celebrate.

2. Two grizzled men wearing paint-stained overalls talking as they go up the drive to work: "'E thinks she belongs to 'im now. 'E won't leave 'er alone. But I'm not going to stand aside. I won't leave 'er alone until she says."

3. My chiropractor straightens me out and gives me some advice to help with the dot of SPD pain that has been puzzling me this month -- essentially, sit well and give the bump the space it is asking for.