Monday, January 27, 2014

Bear paws, together and experience.

1. We catch part of a documentary about polar and grizzly bears. It features an experiment with a tame grizzly, a salmon-flavoured hockey puck and an ice rink. The tame grizzly, it turns out, is very good at walking on ice. It sits down looking pleased with itself and grasps its hind paws in a very endearing way. It reminds me rather of this picture of Bettany. (Picture by

2. We discover that out of the 1,000 pieces of the puzzle we are doing we are holding a pair that go together.

3. Alec wakes with a stuffed up nose. I drop peppermint oil on the pillow and make him sit in the bathroom while I have a shower. He protests. Then as I step on to the bathmat he sniffs and says "Mummy it worked!"