Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tools, eating and tell me a story.

1. I am staring at a choice of phones and I am paralysed. Then I remember a couple of useful tools: Be a satisficer (work down the list and pick the first option that ticks most of your boxes). Set a timer (15 minutes of researching and then stop). Ask for help (The responses to quick message on Facebook makes me feel much happier).*

2. To watch Bettany picking up a few tiny bits of food.

3. When I turn the lights out Alec says "Once upon a time?" It means he wants to hear a made-up story. I try to tell him a boring go-to-sleep story about a tired baby elephant but he keeps interrupting and it turns into a story where Bettany is stolen by the goblins. Alec rides after them -- faster, faster, faster -- on his scooter, rescues her at the end of the Pantiles and brings her home in triumph.

* I picked up  most of these from Gretchen Rubin who is running a very interesting article series on habit-forming.